Need to find Horse Shelters in the Cheshire area?

Does a horse need shelter? A horse shelter is not a legal requirement but it is recommended to keep your horse protected during the winter and summer. A horse shelter should ideally be built to size and requirement and erected by a professional as this will ensure that it’s robust, fit for purpose and sturdy enough to withstand even the strongest of winds.

Once you have your horse stable erected in place it should be cleared daily and fitted out with bedding and all the necessary features the horse will need to be able to keep warm and comfortable within the stable.

Horses are resourceful creatures, and many breeds will be able to make it through the worst of the winter without needing a shelter. It’s not a particularly pleasant site to see a horse standing out in the driving rain but if a horse is provided with a winter turnout rug and given the food and water they need then a horse is capable of looking after itself in winter. However, it’s recommended to erect a shelter for your horse or horses to give them the option of comfort, proper warmth and protection from the elements as and when it’s needed.