Horse Stables Cheshire

Having your horse’s stable properly built is the first step to ensuring your stable will last for many years. In view of this, spending that little bit extra for professional design, workmanship, quality materials and construction, all customised to fit your requirements, is worth it for your horse and worth it for you.

When it comes to horse stables you want the best products and the best quality timber buildings. At Stable Build Company we build quality timber horse stables to meet your exact specifications. But when your horse stables are built to the required standards by Stable Build Company, what is the best way to maintain the timber?

Timber is a great natural resource and is versatile as a basic building material. It is, however, vulnerable to attack from insects, fungi and the damp, and needs protecting from these things to extend its life.

There are various types of timber care products available which will help prolong the life of your horse stables. These include:

  • Woodworm killer
  • Wet and dry rot treatment
  • Woodworm and fungi treatment
  • Garden wood preservative

To find out how to treat the timber and maintain your horse stables properly visit Stable Build Company.