Workmanship and Commitment to Quality

Our knowledgeable designers can help you design the stable or timber building you need. Our carpenters have a meticulous eye for detail and never cut corners. They know how to work with all of the best products, from the OSB boards to the Onduline roofs. We ship everything carefully and our installation team works quickly and efficiently to put your shelters together to your satisfaction.

Our multinational team of people may speak with a variety of accents, but the language they speak is one of trust and quality.

Our top priority goal is to build a trust between our company and our customers so that you know you can depend on us to provide the results you want.

Keeping a horse on your property requires specific care, and the stable you build needs to be as much of a home for them as your own house is for you.

Building a stable that has excellent form and function takes planning. Making errors during the planning and building stage can result in expensive modifications. You should only undertake a project like this with aid of professional builders. When planning, consider the number of horses you have now and plan to have in the future. Also need to know that average horse requires a stall of about 12×12 feet (3.6m x 3.6m) for adequate comfort. In addition, you may need to include space for equipment storage and you may also need to factor in room for hay storage.

Fact: Each horse consumes 2 to 4 tons of hay per year therefore it is worth concider a hay store adjacent to the stable or shelter.