Dewalt nailgun


Timber from Sweden and Russia
Onduline roofing manufactured in Poland under French management
Hardware from India
Metal from Turkey and England
OSB boards from Latvia and Ireland
Hardwood ply from various Brazilian sources.

Just like our materials that meet the highest international standards, our company is made up of a multinational team which provides you with the best knowledge of the different products we offer. This allows us to compete within the framework of our goals and more easily prioritise the workload so you get fantastic results.

Our standard buildings use materials that are time tested. However, we also have the flexibility to meet your custom needs. If you already have a timber building and need another one to match it, Stable Build Company will get the specific materials you require such as the type of cladding, feather edge or overlap, or a different roof finish than we use on our standard buildings, although we cannot guarantee they are from the same source or have the exact same characteristics as our standard specification buildings.