Stables for Sale in Leicestershire

Horses, like humans, deserve to have a roof over their heads come nightfall. Horses don’t strictly need to have stabling but the proper care and maintenance of your horse is vital for its welfare and quality of life. Whether you need a stable in which to house horses or stabling for farm animals or other livestock, you will want to find a quality supplier that offers good value for money and a bespoke stable building service.

Stables provide horses with shelter from the wind and weather as well as a space where they can rest and lie down. This is necessary if a horse is ill or injured, or to sleep. Stables allow horses to remain clean, giving them a place where they can be away from the muddy field, which is especially useful if you have a show horse. By having stabling built for your horse, grooming, cleaning and training all become easier, while you are providing a safe, warm but properly-ventilated space for your horse.

The Stable Build Company has stables for sale and provides a bespoke stable building service to meet your exact stabling requirements. We offer great value prices on a range of stables for sale.