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Choosing Historical Breeds

With found remains dating back to 700,000 BC, horses have a long, active history in Britain. First domesticated in 2500 BC, these horses have a long history of service. With over 170 breeds available, about 20 have originated in Great Britain. With one of the most abundant and diverse selection of horse bloodlines in the world, knowing some general info about horses in Britain can help you choose the best sport pony for you.

Common breeds seen throughout Britain include Dales, Highland and Shetland ponies and horses. Some famous draught breeds from Britain, such as the Clydesdale, Shire and Suffolk Punch horses are sold and exported all over the world and used not only for sport purposes. With many breeds of native horses, Britain also unfortunately has a few breeds, such as the Cleveland Bay and Eriskay Ponies on the Rare Breeds Survival Trust Register, meaning there are less than 500 in the world.

If you’re trying to choose a new horse, the rich bloodlines in British horses can assure you that you’re choosing the best breed available. With increased awareness of the native breeds found in Britain, even those horses found on the endangered list may see a rise in numbers. Searching for general info about horses in Britain online or at a local stable can help you make the best breed choice available.

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