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Choosing the Right Bedding for Your Stables

There are a variety of types of bedding for stables and choosing the best one for your horse may be trial and error. Considering all of your options can help you choose what’s best.

Wheat and oat straw are commonly used and healthy for the horse so long as they’re clean and free of mold or dust. Many horses will like to snack on the straw lining their homes, so if you’re looking to keep your horse on a diet, consider an alternative method of bedding.

Wood shavings are another great bedding for horses and can often be delivered or purchased in smaller quantities. Softwood shavings, such as pine and cedar, are the best available, although some harder woods, including black walnut can be dangerous to a horses health.

Rubber mats can be used alone or in addition to a softer type of bedding. Not only able to be used on the floor, but also on the sides of trailers and alleys, these provide comfort and security in a variety of ways.

Shredded paper is also a good source of bedding, as most horses won’t snack on it and it doesn’t create unwanted dust. However, inked paper may be an irritant to your horses skin.

Choosing the proper bedding for stables is important, as it can affect the health and happiness of your entire stable.

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