Equine Shelters in Nottinghamshire

When it comes to having an adequate equine shelter built for your horse it’s important to consider what else you should be doing to ensure your horse is happy. For an unhappy horse, behavioural problems can start to develop. Many owners often believe they are taking care of a horse and its wellbeing when in fact the opposite is true. Horses are companionable creatures who don’t like to be isolated for long periods of time. They generally enjoy spending time with other horses as opposed to being cooped up in their shelter, protected from the cold.

Of course, all horses need the essentials to ensure that they are happy- shelter, water, food, exercise and companionship – but they also need to enjoy as natural a lifestyle as possible. You may just have purchased a new horse shelter for your horse – a good start – but how do you make sure that you have a happy horse?
• Allow your horse a life of variety
• Provide appropriate shelter for your horse and protection from the elements
Don’t leave him alone without the company of other horses for too long and if possible, stable him next to other horses
• Turn your horse out as regularly as possible to mix with other horses
• Don’t over train your horse and only allow it to participate in activities which it is capable of – an injured horse is an unhappy horse
• Give it a healthy diet and as natural an environment as possible

The Stable Build Company can build your horse a stable to meets its needs.