Horse Stables in Cheshire

Many are surprised that providing shelter for a horse is not a legal requirement, though it is strongly recommended. Surprisingly enough, it’s just as important to provide them with shelter in the summer as it is in the winter.
Horse stables should be made by hand and installed by a professional to ensure that it’s safe to house the horse and will not be damaged by severe weather. Younger horses fare fairly well for themselves during the winter months, but what of those horses in the later years of their life?

Older horses, even though they may have sailed through every winter without any problems, may reach the stage when they require a rug to lay down on or extra feed. As a horse ages, it’s important for its owner to keep a watchful eye over it and accommodate any of its changing needs.

So how can your stable facilities be adapted to accommodate an ageing horse?
• Make sure the horse stable is well-ventilated

• Make sure your horse is turned out – if it is cooped up indoors for too long in the winter this can lead to stiff joints, a worsening of arthritis if your horse suffers from it already, and sensitive lungs

• Ensure good quality hay supplies

• Ensure bedding is mucked out regularly to prevent the build-up of ammonia from urine

• Ensure the stable is large enough for the horse to lie down in

Treat your elderly horse with the extra care and attention in deserves. For horse stables in Cheshire, look to Stable Build Company. We build horse stables to accommodate the needs of your horse, whatever its age.