Horse Stables in Nottinghamshire

Are you having a new stable built for your horse? If you’re having a stable built for your horse, then there are some basics of designing a safe and comfortable stable, once of which is flooring. What type of flooring is most commonly used in horse stables?

The most commonly used flooring in horse stables is concrete. If the concrete has a roughened surface then it is non-slip, which is obviously vital. Concrete, paving or stone floors do not absorb or drain naturally, so drains may have to be fitted into the stalls even though many stables do not have a form of drainage. If you don’t have a form of drainage, then the stall must be cleaned to prevent against a build-up of ammonia.

Hard flooring such as concrete is easier to disinfect, and can be hosed down easily. Hard flooring is unforgiving on a horse’s legs. It is therefore beneficial to install rubber mats under the bedding to ensure comfort for your horse. If you have sandy soil, then it’s possible to have an earth flooring. This is not only gentler on the horse’s legs but will be warmer and quieter, though it will prove harder to clean.

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