Mobile Field Shelter with Tack room.

With buildings purchased from Stable Build Company you can rest assured what we will take care delivery and installation for you. This mobile field shelter with tack room was build in Nottinghamshire. The closer we can get to the spot – the better. No major ground works required, any unevennes on the ground can be compensated with loose gravel.
Once we layed skids down, we will ask if you are happy with building positioning.
Average build time for 12 x 12 mobile field shelter is 3,5 hours, condition permitting off cause. Please get familiar withstandard specification before placing your order.
The structure of the building is very robust and will last you for many years. Timber used is pressure treated, it is advisable to give a coat of treatment once a year to prolong lifespan of your building.
One of the brilliant products we are using in our projects is Onduline roofing sheets, very durable, light weight material,with proper installation, will keep water away for 25 years and more, according to the manufacturer.
You will be surprised how quickly and efficienly working our team. They might speak with variety of accents, but the language they speak is one of trust and quality.

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