Mobile field shelters Bristol

Are you looking for a bespoke mobile field shelter at a good price?

Mobile field shelters offer a versatile, robust and cost effective sheltering solution for animals, including horses. They are ideal for providing shelter out in a field as protection from the elements, and they can provide a place for a horse to rest following illness or injury. Mobile field shelters are temporary structures and don’t require planning permission. So if you require a mobile field shelter to be erected and installed quickly, this can be done.

Mobile field shelters are a useful alternative to horse stables, especially if you have a horse in your possession for only a short period of time. Field shelters offer a quick accommodation solution while saving you the time and trouble of having to get planning permission.

The mobile field shelters available from the Stable Build Company are bespoke and can be made to meet your specific requirements. Each shelter is manufactured using premium quality timber, and we can design a shelter that fits your needs. We work to produce a field shelter which is durable and which will require minimum ongoing maintenance.