Rider Safety

Horse Riding – Safety Through Knowledge and Attention to Riding Gear

Many equestrians have had the poor fortune of being thrown from a horse – while proper riding gear may help to soften the blow, the bottom line is that a great number of horse riders unwittingly make the mistake of wearing the correct gear improperly while riding. Poorly fastened or harnessed gear may lead to a serious accident, or a fatal injury. While certain injuries may be unavoidable -given that horses may gallop as fast as 40mph while carrying a mounted rider – the risk of injury can be minimised if the proper precautionary steps are taken.

The most common injuries which horse riders suffer result from falls. Many of these injuries come about because either the rider or harnesser does not exercise proper discretion – a poorly fastened harness coupled with a reckless rider is a recipe for disaster. Many of these injuries can be avoided with proper education and attention to detail. A working knowledge of riding gear will significantly decrease the risk presented to a horseback rider.

The remaining injuries which riders commonly suffer result from a lack of training in the basics. All too often, riders are not given the early attention required for later horseback riding success – it is also important that the information gained early is used throughout the horse’s life. A starter pack featuring all necessary riding gear is essential for any rider aiming for success, while caring for one’s horse during and after riding is also essential to successful avoidance of injury.

By Maksym Grygorov