The Advantages and Disadvantages of Equine Shelters

Equine care includes provision for adequate sheltering. Equine shelters are needed to house your horse, but it’s useful to know the various advantages and disadvantages of equine shelters. The advantages may include:

• They provide complete shelter from the wind and weather

• They provide immediate accommodation for horses who require rest, especially if due to injury or  illness

• They allow the horse to remain clean – this is especially useful for a show horse

• Grooming, saddling and training can all be made easier

• Food consumption is easier to monitor

• Lower status horses can be protected from more dominant members of a herd, if required

There are fewer disadvantages, but these may include:

• Horses can develop respiratory problems if kept in damp or stuffy conditions

• Stalls will need to be mucked out

• Higher levels of dust and ammonia can have a negative effect on your horse as will poor ventilation

• Horses can easily become bored and develop poor behavioural habits if cooped up for too long

• Horses must be exercised daily

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