Timber Buildings Nottinghamshire

Depending on the outdoor space available and the design requirements, timber stables can be built into U-shaped or L-shaped stable blocks, a straight run of stables, or even a larger quad-shaped stable scheme.

At Stable Build Company we build using the best raw materials. All our timber is sourced from Russia and Sweden. Wood that grows in colder climates grows more slowly. This helps to produce timber that is denser, with the reduced possibility of shrinkage, splitting or twisting.

Our standard stable buildings all use materials which are time tested. Stable buildings can either be built from scratch, or if you already have an existing stable building and would like another to match it, Stable Build will be able to acquire the relevant materials to be able to build a second stable to suit your requirements.

Deciding on a wooden stable in which to house your horse or horses can take time. Be sure to install timber buildings built from quality timber and other materials. It’s always best to invest.