Timber Stables To Keep Your Horses Healthy And Stable

Everyone enjoys watching horses run free— it is the quintessential equestrian lifestyle. However, once you find yourself in possession of a horse—or horses—you need stables to keep them healthy and well maintained.

The most obvious reason for a stable or barn is shelter. Timber horse stables keep horses safe from uncertain, or potentially hazardous, weather conditions, while keeping the area ventilated so the horse does not develop any breathing disorders. As a result, this is the first and foremost necessity when owning livestock.

Wooden stables

As with owning any animal, health is huge concern. A stable is a suitable way to insure that a horse is not outside overfeeding. Additionally, for horses who work consistently, the stable provides much needed solace and rest.

Furthermore, wooden stables often double as storage for barn equipment, providing plenty of space for tools, horseshoes, saddles, etc. Needless to say, it’d be a hassle to drag the equipment from the house and chase down the horse. The stable keeps the horse stable and makes maintenance easy.

Another reason for erecting a timber horse stable is to prevent your horses from harm. When owning multiple horses, it should be expected that they will not always get along. As a result, nipping and sometimes violent attacks can occur, unless the horses are separated into different stalls.

While watching horses gallop freely can be a sublime experience, stables are not intended to be “jail cells” to your livestock. Rather, stables are essential for keeping your horses healthy, happy, and out of harm’s way.

By Louise McGarr