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Wood Framework and Wooden Houses – A History

The use of wood for tool-based and architectural purposes is an ancient practice by human standards, and has existed for as long as humans have shaped the world around them through constructive interaction. Most forms of wood are extremely durable and resilient, and are able to withstand the force of the elements if given the proper care and attention. This brief history of woodwork will cover the different types of woodwork which are currently used in contemporary wooden houses.

The most common frame seen within modern wooden architecture is the Box Frame. The Box Frame is composed of straight horizontal and vertical pieces of wood, hence the “box” descriptive. This type of frame is the most popular style, owing principally to its conventional appearance. The vast majority of wooden houses feature a box frame.

The most popular alternative to the Box Frame is the Cruck Frame. The Cruck Frame can be observed in any structure which features curved beams or framework – a building which has a distinct bend or slant to it probably carries a Cruck Frame. Cruck Frames have become increasingly popular in the U.K., with over 4,000 reported buildings bearing Cruck Frames.

A third style of wooden architectural style is the Aisled Frame. The Aisled Frame is characterized by linearly aligned pillars and columns which form an aisle within the structure which they occupy. Very few wooden houses or structure feature the Aisled Frame, owing principally to its unconventionality and difficulty of construction.

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